Listen to Sound Clips from 22 Recordings Featuring Vel Selvan on Saxophone
Selvan/Berg 'N.O.N. Disco' from the NBC mini-series 'The Word' The Song by Tony Berg features double tracked Tenors.
Charles Fox Theme from 'LaVerne & Shirley' TV show. Tenor Feature. Recorded by Cindi Greco. Produced by Jana Feliciano.
Leo Sayer 'When the Money Runs Out' Solo Tenor
Tony Orlando 'Sweets for my Sweet' Baritone feature.
Gregg Allman 'Old Time Feelin' Tenor Solo
L.A. Express 'Double Your Pleasure' from Shadowplay Album.
Michael Murphy 'A North Wind and a New Moon'. from the double-platinum album 'Flowing Free Forever'.
Lydia Pense & Cold Blood 'Only Wanted Someone to Love Me'. Alto Solo from the 'Lydia' Album.

Air Supply 'What a Life' Tenor Solo on this English Band Hit.
Vel Selvan and Roy Phillippe 'Artistry in Rhythm' Produced, Arranged and Conceived by our Company, Hard Hat Productions.
L.A. Express 'The Shrug' Tenor Solo on Victor Feldman's Tune.
Cold Blood 'Ready to Live' Tenor Solo from the Lydia Album
Peter Criss (KISS) 'Hooked on Rock n Roll' Baritone Ensemble Work.
Peter McIan 'Solitaire' Tenor Solo
Tony Berg 'Bar Wars' Tenor Solo from soundtrack of 'Hardcore'.
Rodney Franklin 'Sunrise' Alto Feature from his debut Album.
Marc Durham/Blue Steel 'Sing it Nice and Loud' Tenor Solo
Casablanca/Ross Salomone 'Rhapsody in Blue' from Gershwin '79 Album Horns Arranged by Roy Phillippe and Vel Selvan
A Perfect Couple Soundtrack 'Won't Somebody Care'. Vel's Alto with Tony Berg's Guitars.
Johnny Rivers 'Ashes n Sand' Arranged and Performed by Vel Selvan. Tenors and Lyricon Electronic Bass.

Listen to the track 'Cabdriver' from John Skinners new big band album.
This Song features a Tenor Solo by Vel Selvan.

Listen to Vel's Tenor Solo on 'Georgia'. From the big band album
Listen to Vel's Tenor Solo on 'Who can I turn to?' from the John Skinner Album
Listen to The beautiful melody of 'Jalousie' played by Vel Selvan on Tenor Saxophone

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